Why Iris?

Iris is a powerful mobile application built for fabric designers. Iris allows you to easily create, visualize, and share your designs no matter where you are!

Create and Visualize

Create and visualize new color ways in seconds! Iris provides a variety of features for you to build distinct and accurate color ways.

Collaborate and Share

Iris allows you to share your designs with your customers or coworkers! You can even work together to build new color ways through Iris!

Link Colorbooks

Iris supports multiple industry standard color books! With over 10,000 standardized colors built in, Iris has all the colors you need.

What do Iris users say?

Iris was built with our users in mind.
Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

Managing Director

"Iris has made my business more efficient. I no longer have lead time in building color ways, nor do I have to carry my fabric to customers. All I need is my iPad."

Pranil Kumar

Pranil Kumar

Sales Director

"Iris has allowed me to quickly make sales. All I have to do is share my designs with my customers. If my customers wish to make changes, they can easily make it themselves through Iris."

Sirichai Pattanapong

Sirichai Pattanapong

Lead Designer

"With Iris, I no longer have to spend time or resources building color ways. With a few clicks, I can get it done."

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